Social Media Experts – Wha?

Social Marketing is big business. Sometimes it’s my business.
Sometimes people even pay me to create and execute campaigns thru social media. So needless to say, I spend a lot of time online; Twitter, facebook, etc.

But I am no expert. I repeat. NOT AN EXPERT. Not even close.

Although… I have noticed that there sure are a lot of experts out there.
I like that I’m surrounded by so many experts.
It’s like if you went swimming. Wouldn’t it be so much better to go swimming with dozens/hundreds of lifeguards?

I’m not judging. After all, my company is called Big Thinker. I guess I’m making a claim right there. Truth be told, someone else came up with the name for me. I’m not really a ‘naming’ expert either. lol.

What qualifications do u need to be a Social Media Expert?

I’m curious to know what u think.


One thought on “Social Media Experts – Wha?

  1. Jon,

    I have also been surrounded by “experts” for years. As a copywriter and sponsorship activation professional, I notice that there are two kinds of experts. First, there are the tech experts. These are people who know how to expose blogs, ads, products and stories to large audiences. Their downside is that they lack the type of content that holds on to people. I am generalizing here, but they often see exposure only in numbers, not in interest shown by those numbers.

    Second, there are the content experts. These are people that avoid drowning audiences in random info tidbits. They know what people are interested in and are versatile enough to provide content in several areas of interest. Their downside is that they are not usually tech savy.

    It is rare to find people that are experts in both those areas. One major problem is the continued reliance on user generated content. This is seen as a cost saving mechanism but 9 times out of ten, companies that rely solely on this type of distribution fail because they rely too heavily on users to keep the interest of fellow users.

    Social marketing experts are kind of like skateboarders, backpackers or throwback hackers. They travel in like-minded circles, think they know the answer to every online dilemma, and quite often fool companies into thinking that they alone can make “it” work.

    my two cents…

    james di fiore


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