I wrote a book!

Hello friends. Thrilled to share that I’ve written and published a book. The entire process took me 52 days from idea – to being on sale on Amazon. I will share some tips & tricks on self-publishing in the future, but for now…

Introducing… The Sh*tstorm that was 2020. It’s part ABC book, part yearbook, all sh*tstorm. And it’s available now on Amazon. The book takes a look at major events from the year 2020.

Everything in the book actually happened, although much of it does sound made up. Some moments you’ll never forget: a global pandemic, Trump losing the plot. And some moments you’ve probably already forgotten: Parasite winning all the Oscars, UFOs being confirmed by the government, Murder Hornets.

This book may look like it’s for children, but it isn’t.

And like every company that has contacted you during the pandemic, we are all in this together, just like the events we all experienced that are in the book.

It was a pretty cool experience getting the book completed and I leaned on many folks. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, and I am super excited to be able to share it now with all of you. Also built this website for the book as well.

I guess I’m an author now, right? That is so 2020! And let’s all remember the year that we’re all trying to forget, by buying this book! Thanks for your support.

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