How this tree is like Social Media.

Writing a note. Remember that? The original Social Media. The picture to the side is a tree in my local dog park. You see, each year (around Xmas) people post notes and decorations on the tree. It’s like a community tree for dog owners, hikers, and people just out for a stroll. It usually fills up pretty quickly with random stuff. I see it almost every day. Then something happened… someone hung a notebook – a blank notebook and a pen – allowing for comments. This was amazing. It allowed anyone walking by with a thought or opinion, the chance to be a part of it. I love it! It’s kinda like social media. Someone somewhere starts something and then people keep adding to it. It’s how communities get built. This is how it works. Sure there are many tree analogies I oould make, but I just love the simplicity. One person hung something and then it snowballed. (first time I have ever used snowballed in a sentence) It probably started with a decoration and evolved to the notebook (which is full of comments, btw)

So I went past the tree today (Jan 10/10) to see what was left from the holidays and some pretty windy weather. Some stuff still hangs and some has long blown away. I did notice a hand made ornament saying ‘Can’t we all just share the park?” It was signed “The Coyotes”


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