Boobies, Fighting, Tigers, Leafs, Raptors, and more…

Been a while.

Watching a lot of Leafs and Raptors.
Halloween was fun. Deya was a tiger.
Been noticing many LinkedIn updates recently. Kinda making a comeback.
Haven’t been enjoying TUF Heavyweight Season like I thought I would. The Kimbo thing was good for the first few, but then that went away.
Enjoying a writer I work with named Mike Ulmer. Great writer and good guy.
Working on the BoobyBall 8 was fun. The “I Heart Boobies” campaign was good, but it was the viral video that the committee (spearheaded by a girl named AJ that I don’t know too well) seemed to totally take off. Everyone was talking about it. Great stuff.

I heard someone say “All of us is smarter then one of us” the other day and that stuck with me.

Oh, Here’s something I’ve been working on

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