Martin Streek

Martin was a colleague and a friend.
We worked together for 6 years.
He was an amazing person.

I’d like to share this little ritual we had…

Sometime during summer, Martin would come into my office at the station. He’d shut the door and pull up a chair. He’d have this look in his eyes, like a little kid at Christmas. His energy was contagious. I knew what was about to happen…

He’d give me 3 hints on what his Halloween costume would be this year and I’d have a chance to guess what it is. His costumes were always so elaborate. Over the six years of trying to guess, I never even came close. (That’s Martin above in his “Uncle Sam” costume.)

Fast Forward

I met with Martin a few weeks back to discuss ‘what’s next’ for him. He had some amazing ideas. We were all pretty excited about a future that included working together once again.

This is a real shock. Martin will be missed by so many.
Prayers to his friends, family and fans.

below photo:

Site re-design & Dancing Deya

So I always thought “who cares what my website looks like?” Clients will hire me, based on our relationship. I was wrong… and a little bit right. Yes, it’s all based on relationships, but I need a better looking website!!!! So I’m working on it….

In the meantime, check out this video of my lil’ girl dancing. Camera work by mommy/Jessica. Cameo by pointer/Gracie. Music by MGMT. Oh, and that’s not a garbage can she’s digging in at the 20-something mark, that’s where we keep the dog food. I’m just saying.

5 reasons Twitter is awesome… or Twaesome!

I love Twitter. I spend all day on it. It’s a huge part of my business. Twitter is the perfect social media forum… Here’s why:

1)Short attention spans unite! Keeping things under 140 characters allows just enough text to get your message out there, post a link, and/or show some creativity. At the same time 140 characters is not enough space to ramble.

2)It’s not exclusive. I don’t need permission to be a part of a world. If I choose to follow, then I follow. If someone chooses to follow me, then they can. Be my guest.

3) Less me, More us. I will do you a favour and not show you the 72 pictures from my weekend at the cottage and you will do me a favour and not ask me to join many groups or play many games like f’n Knighthood.

4) Instant info. If you see something in the Trending Topics, then it’s news happening right now. You do not need to sign up to someones breaking news alerts, to receive breaking news. It’s always breaking on Twitter.

5) Experimental. You can say whatever you want. Tweet & ReTweet away! (Just remember that whatever you say is forever and your name usually appears right next to your tweet)



True Story: Runaway Baby

There I was, walking down a busy street, when I see this 2 or 3 year old just kinda standing there. She was about 3 steps away from getting hit by a car. There was no parent in sight. She was carrying a red ball with yellow dots. It looked like a ball that would bounce if you gave it the chance. About 20 feet away was a mother with her 2 children watching and leaning towards, like she was about to take action. She yelled out “is that your child?”, I shook my head in the manner that one would shake their head to say “no”. I stood in the way of the little girl. She just smiled and turned another way.

There was a door to a nearby building that was propped open. Maybe the child came thru that door? I popped my head in and screamed “HELLO!”… no answer. Just then I see an elderly lady scoop the toddler up and run into a nearby drugstore. I run to the window and look in. The lady puts the little girl into a stroller. Her stroller. The lady continued to sample something at the make-up counter.

I’m assuming Grandma had baby on this day and that in a split second baby just sort-of shuffled out of sight.

She was only 3 steps away.


Sorry Blog. You’re still the best, around.

Dear Big Thinker Blog,

I’m currently swamped with a client project, and have been neglecting you. I’m so sorry.

It’s not you, it’s me.

In the next few weeks, please allow me to prove to you that I can become a better blogger.

We can make beautiful blogs together once again!

I still think you’re the best blog around.


Social Media Experts – Wha?

Social Marketing is big business. Sometimes it’s my business.
Sometimes people even pay me to create and execute campaigns thru social media. So needless to say, I spend a lot of time online; Twitter, facebook, etc.

But I am no expert. I repeat. NOT AN EXPERT. Not even close.

Although… I have noticed that there sure are a lot of experts out there.
I like that I’m surrounded by so many experts.
It’s like if you went swimming. Wouldn’t it be so much better to go swimming with dozens/hundreds of lifeguards?

I’m not judging. After all, my company is called Big Thinker. I guess I’m making a claim right there. Truth be told, someone else came up with the name for me. I’m not really a ‘naming’ expert either. lol.

What qualifications do u need to be a Social Media Expert?

I’m curious to know what u think.


Making Lists & Eating Lunch & Left Over Cake in the Kitchen/Boardroom

the two things i kinda miss about working in a more traditional office environment are:

1) making lists
I found that i was in a constant state of making lists. a ‘to-do’ list for this, a ‘work-back schedule’ for that. I always tried to teach the people around me that you gotta write everything down. I do not write everything down now, but I do miss ‘lists’ a little bit. (maybe that’s why I’m writing this entry?)

2) eating lunch
It’s so much easier to go eat around lunchtime when someone says ‘hey let’s go eat lunch’. I do not have that person in my world anymore. I do miss that person.

Other than those 2 things, it’s all just pretty much the vid below…
self employment & O’doyle rules.