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My apologies. It seems I spend a whole lot more time reading blogs, then actually writing them. I’ve neglected you, Big Thinker Blog. For this, I am sorry. Once my new site gets up and running, I promise to share once again.

So what’s new…

I’ve been helping a bunch of people with their Facebook Fan Pages.
I finished up my 2nd year writing for Fuel Mag. Look out for that!
I seem to be connecting many people to… um… many people.
Excited for Toronto FC and making the Champs League group stage.

I’m thinking that when it’s all said and done, the guy in the pic below could very well be the best player in MLS history.

Until next time…

Story in BlogTO.

Check out the story in BlogTO.

The article is a nice piece on what we are doing as an organization to engage fans. A step in the right direction, but we have a long way to go. That’s one thing I love about Social Media. It’s constantly evolving. It’s never perfect. With every interaction, we can learn. We learn from each other and our communities. Toronto Maple Leafs fans are amazing. I learn from listening to them. I also learn from Raptors fans and TFC fans. These communities has allowed me to be a part of them… and I thank them for that.

Some exciting stuff in the future with these brands.
I’ll do my best to keep you posted.
until next time…

How this tree is like Social Media.

Writing a note. Remember that? The original Social Media. The picture to the side is a tree in my local dog park. You see, each year (around Xmas) people post notes and decorations on the tree. It’s like a community tree for dog owners, hikers, and people just out for a stroll. It usually fills up pretty quickly with random stuff. I see it almost every day. Then something happened… someone hung a notebook – a blank notebook and a pen – allowing for comments. This was amazing. It allowed anyone walking by with a thought or opinion, the chance to be a part of it. I love it! It’s kinda like social media. Someone somewhere starts something and then people keep adding to it. It’s how communities get built. This is how it works. Sure there are many tree analogies I oould make, but I just love the simplicity. One person hung something and then it snowballed. (first time I have ever used snowballed in a sentence) It probably started with a decoration and evolved to the notebook (which is full of comments, btw)

So I went past the tree today (Jan 10/10) to see what was left from the holidays and some pretty windy weather. Some stuff still hangs and some has long blown away. I did notice a hand made ornament saying ‘Can’t we all just share the park?” It was signed “The Coyotes”


Boobies, Fighting, Tigers, Leafs, Raptors, and more…

Been a while.

Watching a lot of Leafs and Raptors.
Halloween was fun. Deya was a tiger.
Been noticing many LinkedIn updates recently. Kinda making a comeback.
Haven’t been enjoying TUF Heavyweight Season like I thought I would. The Kimbo thing was good for the first few, but then that went away.
Enjoying a writer I work with named Mike Ulmer. Great writer and good guy.
Working on the BoobyBall 8 was fun. The “I Heart Boobies” campaign was good, but it was the viral video that the committee (spearheaded by a girl named AJ that I don’t know too well) seemed to totally take off. Everyone was talking about it. Great stuff.

I heard someone say “All of us is smarter then one of us” the other day and that stuck with me.

Oh, Here’s something I’ve been working on


So Deya turned 2 a couple of weeks ago.

The celebration included a trip to a cottage and visits to Oma and Opa in Ottawa.
Ottawa is a beutiful city, especially the country/valley just outside of Ottawa.
I think back to a job I passed on a few years back in Ottawa. At the time, it was a great offer… good money, good people, all the perks… yadda yadda. I forgot why I didn’t end up going for that job, but it would have been really amazing to offer D’s grandparents the chance to see her more than they do.

Anyhoo, I just started writing this because I love it when I walk thru the door and Deya yells “Daddy!!” I wish everyone I know could experience that sensation.

On another note… she is going thru a Diego phase. Can’t get enough of the lil’ animal rescue-er.


The Donger Needs a Drink

I was a big fan of John Hughes films. I think The Breakfast Club had the most influence on me. The dissection of the cliques, the principal, the janitor, detention, and the common bond of having parents who just didn’t ‘get’ it. Who can ever forget the final scene: the Dear Mr Vernon letter & Simple Minds. Powerful stuff.

I also loved Ferris. I wanted to be him, or at least hang out with him. We all knew a ‘Cameron’. Maybe you were Cameron? We all still laugh when someone says ‘Abe Froman, The Sausage King of Chicago’.

There are many other Hughes flicks that had an impact on me and they probably had an impact on you too. The work lives on… so go and rent something… and enjoy.

cheers for reading.

My Writing Career

So I just finished up my first five articles for a career-themed magazine that launches in September. The editor seemed pretty happy about my submissions, which is cool.

The funny thing is – I’m really not much of a writer. I just kinda think of things and start typing. My speling and grammar really suck. It’s all stream of consciousness.

I think back to all those email communications I wrote for the radio station I used to work at; and they had pretty much the same feel. Just whatever was on my mind. My dog, the fights, footy, TV, music, movies, whateves. Those emails went out to over 300, 000 people… but I designed them to feel like it was a one on one relationship. (Note: I’m actually surprised that of all the stuff other media copied from the station, this ‘style’ of audience communication wasn’t one of them) It was ‘just an email between friends.’ It seemed to really work. After all, the database in question was only 14,000 members when I found it) I wonder if readers of this new magazine will get the same vibe. Once those words get officially published, I’ll share them with everyone. Would love to hear what you think.

Anyhoo… Not sure if I’ll actively search out writing opportunities… Probably not. like I said, I’m not much of a writer.

cheers for reading.