A brand, a moment, and some really great human beings.

I talk about moments all the time. How does your brand capture and capitalize on a moment? The moments surround you right now. How are you going to take part in a meaningful way? Many brands try and jump on moments and fail. You probably see it every single day. This is not one of those moments. This has a happy ending. It’s the story of some friends who gave a brand (in this case a sports team) the opportunity to do some good. I cannot do the moment justice, so here are some words from the man at the centre of this moment. His name is Sean Boulton and here is an excerpt from his personal blog…

A note from an overflowing heart

From time to time, you come across a story about a company that does something above and beyond, and creates a loyal, lifetime customer as a result (in fact, if you want to read stories like that, Scott Stratten’s fantastic book “UnMarketing” is a great place to start). But what do you do when you’re a brand that already has a massive, loyal following? How do you take a fan and turn them into a fanatic — an evangelist? This is that story. Well, actually, this is a story about friendship and community. It’s a story about how technology can bring people together and create bonds that can affect your life in ways you wouldn’t have ever imagined. It’s about putting the “social” in social media. This is that story. Okay, it’s both those stories. And buckle up, because this will be a bit of a read. But I’m not sure I’ve ever written anything more important. Please click here to open up Sean’s blog. It’s a great story, I promise.  SeanBoulton

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