5 reasons Twitter is awesome… or Twaesome!

I love Twitter. I spend all day on it. It’s a huge part of my business. Twitter is the perfect social media forum… Here’s why:

1)Short attention spans unite! Keeping things under 140 characters allows just enough text to get your message out there, post a link, and/or show some creativity. At the same time 140 characters is not enough space to ramble.

2)It’s not exclusive. I don’t need permission to be a part of a world. If I choose to follow, then I follow. If someone chooses to follow me, then they can. Be my guest.

3) Less me, More us. I will do you a favour and not show you the 72 pictures from my weekend at the cottage and you will do me a favour and not ask me to join many groups or play many games like f’n Knighthood.

4) Instant info. If you see something in the Trending Topics, then it’s news happening right now. You do not need to sign up to someones breaking news alerts, to receive breaking news. It’s always breaking on Twitter.

5) Experimental. You can say whatever you want. Tweet & ReTweet away! (Just remember that whatever you say is forever and your name usually appears right next to your tweet)



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